After initial concept testing last year


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Hermes Replica Bags When technology creates fake videos, so called deep fake, when a comedian accurately impersonates President Obama using voice manipulation; when fake stories travel faster than true ones on Twitter and where news feeds create filter bubbles we at the World Service have to be more proactive in the battle for truth and accuracy.The Beyond Fake News season is telling stories from across the globe, including India, where the sharing of fake news about child abductions on WhatsApp led to mob murders; Brazil, where bots have been hijacking discourse across the political spectrum; and Africa, replica hermes belt uk where online warriors are attempting to manipulate democratic processes.You can see many stories on the Fake News landing page here.This hermes birkin replica australia new season fights the challenges posed by fake news, instead of just reporting them. It is crucially important to understand why people share unverified information knowing that it may be untrue.On 12 November we will publish audience research from India and Africa investigating these motivations.We are holding major conferences across India and in Nairobi, bringing together key players in news, social media, technology, politics, and education, to seek solutions to the problem of fake news being shared, particularly on encrypted platforms.The audience research results will provide a framework best replica hermes jewelry for young IT experts to participate in solution seeking hackathons in Nairobi and Delhi, looking at how we can prevent people sharing fake information.To underpin this we sharing hermes belt replica vs real BBC videos and workshops that give practical help in recognising what fake and what real.I was one replica hermes tray of the BBC staff mentors who delivered these workshops to British children. Our teams in Delhi and Nairobi felt it important that their audiences had access to similar materials. Hermes Replica Bags

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Hermes Kelly Replica Let get phygital.Being able to assess what customers want and desire through technologhy isn new, but being able to “blend” both is taking off and will be the new “thing” for retailers and landlords in the coming years.Last month, Scentre Group and Optus, formed a partnership that will offer Westfield shoppers a new level of digital connectivity, with a national rollout of a WiFi service across 21 Westfield shopping centres.Under the deal Optus Business is providing the WiFi solution, in partnership with Aruba and SkyFii. It will enable the retailers to find out where we are and what we are buying and can tailor the malls using the data.Vanessa Orth, GPT head of replica hermes luggage retail, says the group will be focused on its multi channel “guest experience” in both the physical and digital environments, which is now being coined the “phygital. hermes replica handbags Where physical and digital collide”.”In the data and digital space, we currently have a number of projects under way, these have stemmed from a number of projects we incubated in 2014, from a casual labour sourcing app to a car parking app,” Ms Orth said.After initial concept testing last year, GPT commenced a pilot “Air Service” at its Rouse Hill Town Centre, being a mobile app designed to “streamline the order and replica hermes birkin 50cm purchase of food within the shopping centre”.Ms Orth said, the app, which will allow food to be pre ordered, will then morph into the physical experience, of not having to stand in a long queue to place an order.Using apps and other data collecting systems, may sound a bit 1984 George Orwell, big brother, but it the way of the future and will ensure a mall, suits its customers to a tee.Given the Australian embracing of online shopping, where everyone is time poor, all retailers are trying to make the shopping experience and the flaw in internet shopping the collection of goods, that much more efficient.The idea being that while people still like going to a mall, the properties will hermes belt 42mm replica offer a wider range of activities and shopping will be either picking up pre ordered items, or a leisurely stroll, while the kids are at the movies.Stockland and Brookfield Multiplex have just opened stage one of the $222 million redevelopment of the Wetherill Park mall which will hermes birkin mirror replica have a range of activities and new omni channel retailing offerings Hermes Kelly Replica.