At Disporto's arraignment last year


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Canada Goose Outlet Kelley set an Aug. 21 hearing date canada goose black friday sale uk for Disporto’s attorney, Jason LeBoeuf of Newark, to argue motions. Filed in March, they include motions to dismiss the charges, change the trial venue and suppress various pieces of evidence and statements.There was no mention in court of the case not going to trial, despite the fact that Disporto’s former girlfriend, Amber Bobo, has agreed to testify against himas part of a plea deal.Bobo, 27, of Gloucester City, pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child and in May was sentenced to three years in prison.At Disporto’s arraignment last year, Assistant Prosecutor Christine Shah said Bobo and Disporto picked Ariana Smyth up from the Smyth family and brought her to canada goose clearance sale Bobo’s South King Street home July 2.Shah said Disporto quickly asked to be alone with the child to “get to know her better” and twice took her out of the house alone, Shah said. Canada Goose Outlet

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