But despite their appearance, they actually pretty docile fish


uk canada goose outlet Sometimes, when my gecko is asleep, and I can’t see her breathing (she’s in a hide but I can barely see her tail or leg) I can’t resist calling her name or tapping the glass to see if she is alive or not. I feel the worst when she doesn’t immediately move at all, and I start to panic because maybe she is dead, so I tap harder in panicked escalation until she finally jumps up and stares at me like I violated her mandatory ritual or something. The poor thing is nocturnal and she needs that sleep, but the fact that she doesn’t retaliate at me or feel afraid makes me feel even worse because that’s what makes her the sweetest reptile I’ve ever met. uk canada goose outlet

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canada goose factory sale Check this out; I was not made, I was created and formed. You know, that nature verses nurture stuff. Some say like a being reborn. I don’t personallyhate them, but I do kinda hate everything about them. I despise their policies, their hostility and aggression, their flagrant immorality, their contempt for democracy, contempt for truth, canada goose decoys uk their willingness to use immigrant children as props in their stupid fucking political games, I hate their cruelty and corruption, I also hate that they cloak themselves in religion and patriotism while they run as canada goose clearance sale far away from those ideals as possible in practice. I hate that they seem hell bent on tearing down our institutions, that they so quickly turn a blind eye to real human suffering, and I hate that they have to be taken seriously because of a stolen election.. canada goose factory sale

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