Grant and Amanda Hayes are accused of killing Ackerson


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Canada Goose Outlet Raleigh police called the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office canada goose outlet authentic in cheap canada goose Texas and asked them to search the area, which led to the discovery of the remains, according to sheriff’s officials. Fort Bend Chief Deputy Craig Brady said it appears Ackerson was killed in North Carolina and taken to Texas, where her dismembered body was found scattered in three spots. Mother Laura Ackerson. Her ex boyfriend who is the father of her two children along with his wife, are both charged with Ackerson’s murder. Grant and Amanda Hayes are accused of killing Ackerson, 27, and scattering her remains near a house in Richmond, Texas, where Amanda Hayes’ sister lives., reports CBS affiliate WRAL. Ackerson was reported missing July 15 after she failed to meet Grant Hayes in Raleigh to pick up her two sons. Canada Goose Outlet

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