I will tell my own friends how bad I am doing


Oh shit really, I heard a bit about the strongholds but I thought they were part of the endgame, I didn realize they were the main thing. Thats a little disappointing to hear but I sure it will get its shit together sooner or later. I didn get a chance to play last week since I kept getting bodied by the servers, but would you say the Strongholds are like D2 Strikes or more like Lost Sectors? Not really sure what to expect.

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There are tarantula subreddits, but I on mobile and can get my phone to link. People on those subs could probably give you more info if you ask. Also, just Google tarantula care, tarantula species, beginner tarantula, and you can find tons of info. On my ride home last night I noticed that my bike was clicking. Seems to be the BB, but I can get it to do it when I not on the bike. Only happens when I spinning in Z2 power crank it hard, click goes away, spin super easy, click goes away, but pushing in that middle range is when I notice it.

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