It would have spread wealth across Canada


Season 6: Mixed bag of a season. I think the positives outweigh the negatives and frankly, I think the whining about the cliffhanger has always been insanely overdramatic. That said, even barring the controversial ending, it still has some of the stupidest moments in Walking Dead history, and that lands it on this spot..

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But, something like energy east would have been a good project. It would have spread wealth across Canada. Ensuring more stability of the Canadian economy. Google Home/Assistant also integrates with hubitat so we have both options. I went out to the hot tub earlier and I asked Google to turn the gazebo lights on. Funny thing was that I must have lifted my arm as Siri responded ok and the lights went on : ).

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The legislation just had the goal of closing that loophole so that liquor stores couldn license as restaurants. A small part of it was in arguing that restaurants had customer seating, served onsite, and don typically perform business through a security barrier. So many customers addicted to cigarettes, beer and lottery.

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