Peeking at the board of directors of a lab corp like


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Canada Goose online I expand on my concerns.Peeking at the board of directors of a lab corp like, say, genalyte lineup where we find a lot of communication and social media experience (facebook lol) but only the CMO with any actual healthcare experience.Now I not going to judge an entire company by the leadership alone, but I will raise my canada goose langford parka black friday level of skepticism, especially when they come out in the beginning by calling both their software and instrumentation proprietary. Are they selling lab equipment and just so happen to be equipping that with homebrew LIS/middleware/full EMR (I can tell how involved their software is) or are they selling that software EMR package that just so happens to include laboratory equipment? Their leadership lineup, their us vocabulary, the continued hammering of how hard typical EMRs are to use, their motto of “Move data, not blood”: it all kind of sounds like a tech company that happens to dabble in laboratory medicine.And tell me if this sounds familiar:”Large, centralized labs like LabCorp and Quest use giant robotic systems, mostly working with 2 to 6 milliliter samples (about a sip, if that’s what you’re into). They can be expensive, but more than that they take days to produce a result and when doctors order labs, people sometimes simply fail to go get them. Canada Goose online

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