"Plus: Creating A Family Spending BudgetNo one knows for sure


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best hermes replica handbags But now the deadline is quickly approaching with no sign that Congress will actually compromise on a budget. Washington hasn’t made it clear exactly where the cuts will come from, but they’ve identified the most sensitive areas that middle class families will certainly identify with, including food inspectors, Head Start hermes watch band replica and the TSA.”Plus: Creating A Family Spending BudgetNo one knows for sure which programs will be affected, but currently, after defense, the second biggest category for cuts ($28.7 billion!) is Domestic Discretionary Spending, according to the Washington Post.This spending category includes many programs that will impact American families in everyday ways.Food: Higher grocery prices and even shortages of meats and dairy in some places.Preschool: No preschool or daycare for about 70,000 children enrolled in Head Start programs. Special education programs could also be downsized.National Parks: Campgrounds and picnic areas could close. best hermes replica handbags

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