That I would fight (again) for her to live with me


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By 5am, not even an hour since she passed, the wife of one of his coworkers had posted on my mom facebook page that she was so sorry to hear about my mom passing and sending thoughts and prayers. We hadn notified anybody. We hadn had time, it hadn even been an hour yet and it was before anybody would even be awake yet.

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That might sound kind of nice to you, or it might sound hellish, but the reality is, about 20 percent of women go through this for some part of their pregnancy. Bed rest, which can range from supervised time in a hospital bed to limiting normal daily activities and a lot of sitting around, is prescribed for all kinds of pregnancy complications, from gestational diabetes to poor fetal development to an “incompetent cervix.” It’s a pretty old idea, but it became a mainstay of western obstetrics in the 19th century, when any sign of complications would land a lady alone in bed, in the dark, sometimes even with canada goose outlet sale earplugs basically a sensory deprivation chamber. It looks different these cheap canada goose uk days you can have conversations and listen to music if you want, but being pregnant and flat on your back is still a complete drag.