The Nazis rounded up a group of Jews and split them into two


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uk canada goose outlet Gaining a wider perspective from above allowed the crew to capture and further understand the vastness and scale of the camp. Credit: BiG Productions via StoryfulLena Goldstein hid under German uniforms and used her wits to survive the Holocaust in the Warsaw ghetto.It canada goose uk delivery wasn the first or last time Lena had tricked the Nazis or watched them take someone she loved off to the extermination camps.But the day remains seared in her mind, and as she tells her story today, having just celebrated her 100th birthday in Sydney, it is with a freshness and an urgency to ensure the atrocities are not forgotten.In the early 1940s in the Warsaw ghetto, Lena then known as Lena Midler was in her early 20s, and her family had been uprooted by the rise of Hitler.Lena mother and banker father had been forced to run a laundry for the canada goose black friday 2019 uk German war machine, washing soldiers uniforms.Lena had been illegally in the ghetto and secretly helping her parents who earned no money, just one bowl of cabbage soup apiece every 24 hours.The Nazis rounded up a group of Jews and split them into two groups.Lena parents, Usher and Gitla Midler, were ordered into different groups.mother was sent to the left, my father on the right, Lena says. Mother was taken away.was gone. uk canada goose outlet

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