These motherfuckers bomb abortion clinics and harass women on


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canada goose Apparently evangelicals in America love using Ireland as an example of a country that’s first world with anti abortion laws therefore America should be doing the same.These motherfuckers bomb abortion clinics and harass women on the streets. canada goose uk size guide Sorry a few of them leaked across the ocean to spew their toxic bullshit on the streets over there.I’ve had the displeasure of meeting some of these pricks in real life, it’s fantastic that the entire of Ireland has pretty much canada goose outlet us told them to fuck offAmen, brother. It really didn feel like the margin was going to be that big. canada goose

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The sad part is that instead of people mourning those 50 people, they are instead shifting the focus onto a man who had nothing to do with the crime and was drawn into this situation unwillingly. The fact is that those 50 destroyed lives are being ignored in pursuit of destroying one more life. Guilt is a powerful force, and the fact that someone has to feel guilty for something they had no control over, didn’t want to happen, and didn’t even willingly get involved in is horrible.

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