We were playing the campaign out of the abyss (I think) and


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I feel like no actual discussion ever happens on this sub, I always see interesting titles and articles linked which either end up being from some left/right/up/down leaning political site or people in the comments claiming canada goose outlet toronto factory it to be. And then responses to those comments saying why they’re wrong and how it’s actually the down/up/right/left that’s spreading lies. You’d think that all these “conspiracy theorists” wouldn’t get involved with political leanings and realize they’re all just bullshit but that’s none of my business.

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cheap canada goose uk I believe it comes canada goose outlet uk review down to education. It seems like more and more people are lacking basic home economics skills. Just because everyone works now doesn’t mean those domestic duties went away. We were playing the campaign out of the abyss (I think) and last session was the first session when we were supposed to escape from the drows. Immediately, I unwittingly started a fight with the guard which resulted in two players (including me) and one npc unconscious, and two other players heavily damaged. Immediately after recovering and getting 1 hp, me, being the Bard, incited the other prisoners to knock down the door and jump off into a grey ooze filled lake cheap canada goose uk.